About us

The G2C2 is a network of  Green Chemistry Centres across the globe. Our goal is to enable collaboration and knowledge sharing between experts in the field for the advancement of global education, public outreach, and decision making for a sustainable 21st century.

History of the Global Green Chemistry Centres (G2C2) network

The G2C2 was born out of the need to promote more communication between the many green chemistry centres scattered around the world. The history of the G2C2 goes back to 2013, when the first meeting was held in Delhi, India, bringing together 10 Green Chemistry centres from across the globe. You can read the Workshop Report here, originally published in the Green Chemistry Network newsletter.

Within a year, the network had grown to over 20 members, and in 2014 the second annual meeting was held in Cape Town, South Africa. The discussions at the meeting were enthusiastic and emphasized the need for more international communication and collaboration – the Workshop Report is available here. 2015 saw the growing network meet in Boston, USA (Workshop Report) and 2016 in Sichuan, China (Workshop Report).

Now, with a membership of over 30 collaborators worldwide, the network continues to encourage communication across the global centres and stimulate discussion surrounding the set-up and running of new centres, especially in emerging and less developed economies. With the new alignment to encourage input from wider organisations, we are beginning to see the network grow not only in size but also in influence, allowing the ground-breaking research in these laboratories to be exploited and learnt from in industry and policy fields.