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There are plenty of options for joining G2C2, with a variety of membership levels to suit you and your organisation. All applications should be made via the forms below and applications will be assessed on a monthly basis before acceptance and payment, but do feel free to contact if you have any queries regarding membership tiers and payment methods.

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To join a membership tier, or to sign up just for the newsletter, simply click on the appropriate Sign Up button and then complete the registration details.

The primary aim of G2C2 is to connect established and fledgling Green Chemistry Centres throughout the world, with an emphasis on:

  • Networking and Conferences
  • Education and Outreach
  • Industry engagement
  • Funding Opportunities – Fellowships, Travel and Research

Research centres / universities

Membership eligibility for research organisations involves fulfilling the two core criteria, plus at least two of the complementary criteria:

  • Core: Conducting green chemistry research
  • Core: More than one academic is leading the green chemistry research
  • Complementary: education
  • Complementary: outreach and public engagement
  • Complementary: industrial collaboration

Members: Established centres that fulfil all of the membership criteria.
Annual fee £250 Signup

Associates: For centres that are just beginning their green chemistry journey and do not yet fulfil the full criteria to become a Member.
Annual fee £100 Signup

Corporate membership

Industrial partners are key to ensuring that cutting-edge green chemistry research makes real-world impacts. Corporate membership is split into three tiers dependant on the employee number and profit/turnover.

Corporate-Max (≥250 employees, ≥€50m turnover, ≥€43m balance)
Annual fee £1000 Signup

Corporate-Min (<250 employees, <€50m turnover, <€43m balance)
Annual fee £500 Signup

Corporate-Micro (<10 employees, turnover/balance <€2m)
Annual fee £250 Signup

Newsletter only

You can sign up just to receive our e-newsletter without receiving the benefits of membership of the network. (Note that all the other membership options also include the newsletter)

Annual fee £10 Signup